Dr. Mignon, who founded Health & Wellness Integrated Healthcare Centers, is an internist. Subspecialties of internal medicine include allergy and immunology, cardiology (heart diseases), endocrinology (hormone disorders), hematology (blood disorders), infectious diseases, gastroenterology (diseases of the gut), nephrology (kidney diseases), oncology (cancer), pulmonology (lung disorders), and rheumatology (arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders). At Health & Wellness Integrated Healthcare Centers we focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment for adult patients.

We require our patients to see us for an annual physical, during which we assess risk for significant diseases, discuss lifestyle, fitness and nutrition goals and recommend appropriate screening tests based on the specific profile of each individual. Optimizing and maintaining excellent health is our objective.

Our team does an initial evaluation of symptoms and health concerns. After careful assessment in our office, diagnostic tests are arranged and interpreted and, if needed, referral to the appropriate specialist is coordinated and supervised. We will discuss and oversee treatment and provide consistent long-term follow-up.

Patients with chronic (lifelong) diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart and lung disease, gastrointestinal issues, and many others require careful monitoring at regular intervals. We stay up to date with the latest developments and provide our patients with state of the art management through the years.