Being a parent is arguably one of the most rewarding things we do in our lives. Along with that comes the responsibility of making sure our children grow up healthy. Although at times it may seem a bit daunting, you can feel confident knowing that our professionals at Health & Wellness Integrated Healthcare Centers will share a part of that responsibility with you.

From birth, as your child grows from infancy to adolescence, we provide professional health care every step of the way. Our services are comprehensive and compassionate and include:

  • well-baby checkups

  • all types of immunizations

  • physicals

  • developmental assessments

  • nutritional service

  • treatment of acute episodic childhood illnesses

When you choose Health & Wellness Integrated Healthcare Centers for your child’s medical care you’ve made the first important step. We truly enjoy taking care of children. Each stage of development offers unique challenges and joys. We have the expertise to treat your child through those stages.

We also know that every child is different. The care your daughter or son will receive at Health & Wellness Integrated Healthcare Centers is highly individualized. As your child grows the consistency and professional care that we provide will make him or her feel safe in a familiar environment.

This care extends to you as well. As the parent, often you have questions. We believe it’s very important that you have as much information as you can. We welcome your questions and want to discuss anything you have on your mind.

At Health & Wellness Integrated Healthcare Centers, we pride ourselves in taking a personal approach. We will take the time needed for each and every time we see your son or daughter. We will not compromise when it comes to your child. Call us at 850-656-2006. We look forward to meeting you and your child(ren).